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...... Homebrew Steam ......
(click pictures for build details)

R/C Steam Tractor Tank
Steam Tractor Tank
Built from an old Tamiya 1/16 King Tiger.
 Mounds of dirt, gravel & leaves hold no fear.

Face Shovel Excavator
Face Shovel Excavator
Built from Meccano.  Powered by steam.
Just show me where to dig.


R/C Steam Locopede
Steam Locopede
Built upon a Gakken Mechamo

R/C Steam Turret Tank
Steam Turret Tank
Bigger boiler, two steam engines,
working turret & simulated gun effects.

...... Other Steam ......
Mamod Traction Engine:  My first exposure to live steam, and owned for over 30 years.   My Dad grew up around the full size beasties roaming England, and subsequently was always keen in anything steam.   I was a kid when given this, and burned my fingers many times playing with it.   Liquid meths burner of course.   Great stuff!
Mamod Traction Engine
Mamod Steam Wagon:  Bought a few months after the tractor.  I remember trudging around a flea market in some farmers field in England with my parents looking for this thing.
Mamod Steam Wagon
Mamod Steam Roller:   Prior to my homebrew efforts, the perfect toy for squashing stuff.

Mamod Steam Roller
Mamod Fire Engine:  Ah, if only the hose squirted water!
Mamod Fire Engine
Mamod Touring Car:   Steaming around the countryside in style!
Mamod Touring Car
Böhm HB12-AS2 Stirling EngineNo steam, but powered by fire, so still good.   Plenty of wonderful mechanical action watching this gadget chug along.   I may have to get more of these.

Bohm HB12-AS2 Stirling Engine

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