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Homebrew Steam:

Steam Tractor TankBuilt from an old Tamiya 1/16 King Tiger.  Mounds of dirt, gravel & leaves hold no fear.   Inspired by Crabfu's Steam Lobster.    
Steam Tractor Tank
Face Shovel Excavator:   Built from Meccano.  Powered by steam.  Just show me where to dig.   Inspired by Chris' Meccano Restoration site.

Originally built by Patrick Lewis, England, and featured in the October 1970 issue of Meccano Magazine.   John Bader, England, presented an updated article in the June 2002 issue of Constructor Quarterly.

Face Shovel Excavator

Steam Locopede:   Built atop a Gakken Mechamo Centipede.   High creep factor for those bothered by too many legs (like cats).  Inspired by Crabfu's Steam Centipede.

Steam Locopede

Other Steam:
Mamod Traction Engine:  My first exposure to live steam, and owned for over 30 years.   My Dad grew up around the full size beasties roaming England, and subsequently was always keen in anything steam.   I was a kid when given this, and burned my fingers many times playing with it.   Liquid meths burner of course.   Great stuff!
Mamod Traction Engine
Mamod Steam Wagon:  Bought a few months after the tractor.  I remember trudging around a flea market in some farmers field in England with my parents looking for this thing.
Mamod Steam Wagon
Mamod Steam Roller:   Prior to my homebrew efforts, the perfect toy for squashing stuff.

Mamod Steam Roller
Mamod Fire Engine:  Ah, if only the hose squirted water!
Mamod Fire Engine
Mamod Touring Car:   Steaming around the countryside in style!
Mamod Touring Car
Böhm HB12-AS2 Stirling EngineNo steam, but powered by fire, so still good.   Plenty of wonderful mechanical action watching this gadget chug along.   I may have to get more of these.

Bohm HB12-AS2 Stirling Engine